Trick (2019) review


Patrick Lussier cut his teeth as the Editor of the Scream franchise for the late Wes Craven, and with Trick he may have unearthed his own cult classic in waiting.

Doing a film about the season of Halloween is becoming more commonplace, but here Lussier takes things in a refreshing and confident new direction whilst paying homage to classics of yesteryear.

Trick opens like your typical slasher, as a killer strikes on Halloween night, is seemingly stopped before disappearing.

From here on out he commits a killing spree across a number of Halloweens, leaving the local Police baffled as to how he carries on and hasn’t been caught yet.

Lussier has shown with My Bloody Valentine 3D, he knows how to do gore and Trick is loaded with a lot of creative and bloody kills.

The killer ‘Trick’ has an iconic look with the Pumpkin mask but also takes on other guises during his reign of terror.

The best part about ‘Trick’ is the number of times it can pull the rug from under you and remain coherent and gripping.

This film isn’t overly long either, so the amount of time Lussier spends on these characters really helps us sympathize with their plights. Although some feel like they are just here to be put on the chopping block, you still feel bad when they are killed off in gruesome fashion.

It seems to have come out nowhere but ‘Trick’ is destined to become a Halloween classic and could spawn a new franchise yet.

Trick is now available on VOD.

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