Bloody Flicks Awards 2020 Winners Announced


The seven winners of the Bloody Flicks Awards 2020, which took place on Saturday 22nd February 2020 at the Boiler Works, Stoke on Trent, have been announced.

Thirteen short films were screened to our audience at the event plus the UK festival premiere of independent horror feature 10/31 Part II.

Guests were also treated to Q&A sessions with the cast of werewolf short Snarl, an exclusive clip from Tales of the Creeping Death and a chat with Director John Williams plus a chat with authors Lou Yardley and P.J Blakey-Novis.

The winners of the Bloody Flicks Awards 2020 are as follows –

Best Film – The Widower

Best Foreign Film – They Live Inside Us

Best Director – Joshua Cleave (The Rage)

Best Actor – Neil Gallagher (The Widower)

Best Special Effects – Dead Air

Best Music – Dead Air

Best Short (Under 10 minutes) – Glimpses of Horror

A big thank you to everyone who submitted their film to the awards and to everyone who came along to support the event.

Entries for the Bloody Flicks Awards 2021 and entrants can receive a £2 discount on submissions until the end of March using promo code BFEARLY.

Find out more about the Bloody Flicks Awards.


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