Bloody Flicks Awards announces Short Film Selections


The Bloody Flicks Awards has announced the 13 short films to be screened at the Boiler Works, Stoke on Trent on Saturday 22nd February 2020.

Below is a breakdown of each film –

Glimpses of Horror – Lurking in the void beyond the hereafter, Lord Skullington reveals 9 glimpses of Death and Demons to chill your spine. From the worst case of sunburn to giant spiders to the creature lurking under your bed. This horror short features 9 quick creepy animations.

The Killer of Grassy Ridge – Deep in the Shenandoah backcountry, a killer stalks for prey.

Mommy’s Little Monster – A mother and son on the run, escape to an isolated mountain cabin where their fears catch up with them.

A Christmas Nightmare – As well as overcoming family drama at Christmas, Emyr, finding solace and liberation through disco music, will come face-to-face with a monster that is hellbent on punishing ‘naughty little boys and girls’.

It’s a B$tch Birthday – Yazmine is dreaming of a happy birthday but will it be so happy once she finds out what her man did before taking her to her birthday party?

Black Mass – A short film about depression that tells the story of a bereaved family, a father and his two adopted daughters, as they try to come to terms with the loss of their mother; all while haunted by a dark presence known as Darkness.

Once BittenMartha needs the toilet fixed in her hotel bathroom but there’s one problem: her plumber may be a vampire.

Insane – A kid’s mom dies and a year later a voice in his head takes control and kills.

Dead Air – Dead Air is a Comedy Horror about ‘Monster Kitten’ – an all-female punk rock band – who gets caught up in a fight with little gremlins in a plane at 30,000ft whilst heading to the last gig of their comeback tour.

The Widower – An aging serial killer. A youth tied up in a cellar. A hint at a larger society of killers. We soon get to see what makes The Widower ‘tick’ and what drives him to do what he does.

The Ingress Tapes – What are The Ingress Tapes? The ramblings of a violent fantasist? Or the taped confession of a multiple murderer who was never caught? Documentary or Fiction? Watch The Ingress Tapes and then wish you hadn’t.

Dead CelebritiesMeet Mick, he’s a psychopath who wants to be famous and he’s found a way of achieving his dream… But Mick is no ordinary killer, he knows a secret. A secret he shares with Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Judy Garland & other dead celebrities…

The Rage II – A chemical scientist (Will) and a small team of ex-soldiers have been sent to investigate the bio lab where a deadly virus was accidentally released.

Tickets for the Bloody Flicks Awards are just £3 and available now on Eventbrite.


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