Escape from Happydale by Jack Quaid review


The ’80s was a great time for the slasher movie and recently we have discovered a host of authors who is trying to recreate this in book format.

Escape from Happydale is the first in The Last Final Girl from author Jack Quaid, which mixes slasher tropes with a swagger usually reserved for Tarantino films.

We follow the journey of Parker Ames, a final girl who is sent on a mission to destroy notorious slasher Hurricane Williams.

As a character, Parker has some of the sensibilities of Nancy Thompson and other classic final girls such as Friday Part 2’s Ginny but with some kick-ass weapons to protect herself and others.

Williams is very much in the mould of Jason Voorhees and Victor Crowley being a hulking silent monster that uses any weapon (including his own hands) to get the job done.

Clearly, Quaid has seen plenty of slashers and blends some fantastic wit with plenty of blood and gore.

There is also mythology built into the story which I won’t spoil, but there is a jump-off moment that will jar you but shouldn’t derail the story.

Although its 288 pages, Escape from Happydale is a quick read that goes at a breakneck pace from start to finish and if you can keep up you will already be ordering the second book in the series.

Escape from Happydale by Jack Quaid is available now on Amazon.


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