Ghost Stories at The Alexandra review


Ghost Stories has been a smash-hit on the West End for a number of years; garnering a reputation for effective storytelling and most importantly, effective scares.

This was the first time the show has travelled to Birmingham, at the spectacular Alexandra theatre which mixed a classic feel with a truly spellbinding show.

Make no mistake about it, Ghost Stories is a scary affair, but what elevates it beyond your average horror show is the truly excellent production value and sound design.

There are moments throughout where this show truly gets under your skin and you make a passing glance over your shoulder, to make sure there is no one there.

Ghost Stories was adapted into a feature film a couple of years ago by the creators of the show, and although it boasted a stellar cast, the stories themselves feel more at home on the stage than the big screen. This isn’t a criticism of the film, more just that the original show is superior to its adaptation in my humble opinion.

Unlike some shows where there is an interval to take the edge of proceedings, Ghost Stories straps you in for a shade over 90 minutes of terrifying action. The lack of interval certainly works to its advantage and helps engross you even more into the stories and their characters.

Now on a UK tour, I can’t recommend seeing Ghost Stories on the stage, it’s a truly enthralling experience with a bit of laughter but most importantly, what we pay the money for…..the scares!

Find tickets for Ghost Stories Here

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