The Young Cannibals review


Bringing together cannibalism and youthful exuberance feels like something fresh in The Young Cannibals.

On one side we have a social commentary on mental illness and the toxic nature of family and friends, possibly telling us what we want to hear and on the other, we have a wild bloodthirsty beast.

It may feel like the Young Cannibals plays its cards a bit early as a group of teenagers (including one girl sprung from the local mental hospital) is tricked into eating human burgers at a secluded retreat.

From here it becomes a life and death situation as they are hunted by a beast that feasts on cannibals, which may feel oddly poetic.

In the beast, the filmmakers have created a fantastic looking villain with some eye-catching practical effects.

The Young Cannibals does pull some surprises with how it kills off some of its characters but after a breakneck start the pace slows down considerably and we get slightly bogged down in dramas instead of the blood and guts of earlier on.

Having said this, it does rallies for a great finale that rounds the story off nicely.

Conclusively The Young Cannibals is an indie horror with plenty of heart, lungs and kidneys and enough bite to keep you entertained.

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