Death to Metal review (Soho Horror Film Festival)


By David Dent

This Iowa shot comedy horror is as metal, and as mental as you like, recalling the golden days of Troma.

Zane is dumped by his girlfriend Tracy and his band, Withered Christ, on the same day: the band was due to be a support act at the town’s annual metal festival, and they’re gonna need a new vocalist.

Elsewhere two guys dump chemicals into the river, Toxic Avenger style, which you just know is going to be important later.

In another part of town, an overzealous priest is hauled in front of his employers and suspended. The priest jumps in a car which promptly crashes into the same river into which the chemicals earlier mentioned were dumped. And before you know it the priest has a Toxic Avenger moment and returns from the water as a deformed crazy guy. And then the killings start, which is where the movie really gets going.

DTM is dumb but fun. It’s let down by some sub-par acting, and it’s very much a local film for local people (all the guys in the bands at the festival are real musicians). It wasn’t really my cup of tea but I’m pretty much here for any independent horror movie productions, and if you like death metal it will definitely appeal.

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