First official footage released from Halloween Kills



Today really is the perfect day to share the first official footage from Halloween Kills, isn’t it?

Jamie Lee Curtis took to Twitter and Instagram to post the first 21 second teaser for the David Gordon Green sequel, now filming in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Although we don’t know the context of the scenes we get our first look at Anthony Michael Hall’s Tommy Doyle sporting a baseball bat plus potentially Michael Myers escaping Laurie’s burning home from the finale of the last film.

There is also another homage with it appears to be Karen Strode being harrassed by Myers, on top of a car, which mirrors Nurse Marion’s encounter with Michael from 1978 as he escapes Smith’s Grove.

We also get to see part of the flashback from 1978, with Lonnie Elam also encountering the Shape.

The final shot is of a bloody Laurie in the back of an ambulance, wishing us a happy Halloween.

Watch the footage for Halloween Kills below –



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