Halloween (2018) – One Year Later


It’s been just over a year since Halloween (2018) hit cinemas and made a killing at the box office, bagging a franchise high of over $250 million worldwide.

But has the year been kind to the Shape?

Ever since Jamie Lee Curtis announced her return to the franchise in September 2017, Halloween fans were excited about Laurie’s return to the series and wondered how she could top Halloween H20.

This time around she was joined by new characters Karen and Allyson, her daughter and granddaughter, as she continues to battle the demons from that fateful night in 1978.

Ignoring all of the sequels, Halloween 2018 saw Michael having been apprehended on his original killing spree and incarcerated for 40 years, before escaping again.

We were delighted to be joined on our latest podcast by Viral Film UK’s Daniel Mark Young to discuss the film and the upcoming Halloween Kills (currently filming).

Listen and download.

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