Terror Films Acquires Digital Rights to Holland Horror ‘Resonance’

unnamed (29)

Terror Films has acquired North American rights to Siar Sedig’s mysterious horror thriller Resonance and is now available in digital platforms

This Netherlands based film has been making the festival rounds. At several festivals, RESONANCE has racked up multiple awards.

Awards include: “Best Score” from the Diabolical Horror Film Festival 2018, “Best Horror Feature” – Genre Celebration Festival 2018, “Best Feature Film International” – Move Me Productions Belgium Film Festival 2018, “Best Original Idea” – Top Indie Film Awards and multiple wins including “Best Lead Actor,” “Best Lead Actress,” “Best Horror Feature,” “Best Editing” and “Best Sound,” among others at the Five Continents International Film Festival 2018. RESONANCE has won over ten awards, making the film internationally renowned.

The film was written, directed and produced by Sedig. As well, RESONANCE was produced by Roos Jeroense and the film centers around a couple Max (Max Croes) and Elena (Nastassia Firestone). Together, they decide to venture off to a remote wooded area for a much-needed break from work and life. However, once there, they discover strange noises – originating from deep within the woods. Elena is in desperate need of a doctor and Max realizes there’s no way out but to go straight through the forest, in search of help; but something doesn’t want them to leave…

This initial rollout will take place across multiple platforms over the next several months and show on iTunes, Xbox, Google Play, Prime Video, Tubi TV and many more Digital platforms.

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