Support Slasher Card Game ‘1 Survives’ on Kickstarter


Horror slasher survival card game ‘1 Survives’ is crowdfunding until Halloween on Kickstarter.

A High School boat trip goes gravely wrong when the engine dies and the vessel drifts onto the rocky shoreline of a seemingly deserted island.

The boat is damaged is in the collision and the group must search for a means to repair the craft or for an alternative way to escape the island.

However, all is not as it seems as the island has one lone inhabitant, who has removed themselves from society to avoid the temptation of taking further lives of innocent victims.

The disturbance has reignited a bloodlust and every soul who remains on the island is the next potential victim.

Perks for the crowdfunding campaign include receiving a copy of the inventive card game and also social media shout outs.

Find out more about ‘1 Survives’ on Kickstarter.

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