What Patrick Lussier’s Halloween 3D Would Have Looked Like


Before David Gordon Green’s Halloween shot the franchise to a record box office taking, the nearest we got to another Michael Myers movie was with a sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.

After a poor box office and a critical mauling, Halloween 3D, as it was titled was set to be directed by Patrick Lussier, collaborating with Todd Farmer (Jason X).

Lussier was coming off the box office success of My Bloody Valentine 3D and thus had a pedigree in the 3D market which appealed to Dimension and Trancas Pictures.

In a recent podcast with Shockwaves, to promote his new Halloween-themed slasher Trick, Lussier revealed how close the film came to being made.

Apparently, they were just five weeks away from filming when Dimension Films decided to pull the plug due to budgetary problems.

In this new sequel, the story would effectively retcon some of the endings of Halloween II, with Laurie killing Sheriff Brackett by shooting him in the head and being institutionalized soon after.

Michael Myers would miraculously survive and after being loaded into an ambulance, would kill his companions before escaping back to Haddonfield for another bloodbath.

He would dispose of his torn mask and claim a ‘classic’ Shape mask from a store in Haddonfield before beginning a new killing spree, we assume a year later.

Lussier explained how he wanted to go back to the stalk and slash days of Halloween that he and many others felt were missing from the Rob Zombie entries in the series.

Halloween 3D would also have seen Tom Atkins returns to the series for the first time since Halloween III: Season of the Witch, playing a psychiatrist who ends up with his head in a fish task.

What do you think of this idea of Halloween 3D? Would you have watched this sequel? Comment below and let us know.

Patrick Lussier’s Trick is now available on VOD in the US.



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