Spine Chiller review

spine chiller.jpg

It feels really good to have almost a yearly tradition to discover a new Halloween-themed anthology to enjoy at this time of year.

Director Jacob Perrett first caught our attention last year with the excellent retro anthology Weird Fiction.

Here he takes on a similar territory with a series of interwoven stories all set around Halloween night.

There are homages left, right and centre, especially to the seminal John Carpenter classic, although these easter eggs are mostly subtle and don’t feel forced.

At times Spine Chiller feels like a cross between a Giallo and a slasher film but it also changes pace with a different tale that feels slightly out of place with its counterparts.

Working on a limited budget Perrett does well to show us some gore and although sometimes it is aftermath shots, the not-seeing what has happened in this case is quite effective.

The set design is excellent and its clear a lot of attention has been paid to make this look and feel like a Halloween themed movie; you can almost smell the pumpkin entrails.

Music by All Season also feels straight out of the ’80s with a pseudo-Carpenter style synth score that elevates the film when it starts to lull.

At just over 70 minutes Spine Chiller doesn’t outstay its welcome and packs a lot into its short runtime, making it an essential watch for the #HalloweenSeason.

Read our interview with director Jacob Perrett.



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