Vincente Di Santi discusses Never Hike in the Snow + new Jason web series


Despite the on-going legal battle for the Friday the 13th rights fans have been keeping Jason Voorhees alive and slashing.

One of the most notable efforts of the past few years was Vincente Di Santi’s Never Hike Alone, which pitted a hiker against Jason Voorhees.

On the recent Friday 13th, Vincente announced a prequel to NHA, which will bring Jason into the snow for the first time.

We caught up with Vincente to tell us more about this prequel and the web series which will conclude the Never Hike Alone narrative.

When did you decide to start work on a prequel to Never Hike Alone?

We actually started working on the sequels during the production of the first film, especially after Thom came on board.

Thom had actually pitched me a scene during our first meeting which will be in one of the upcoming episodes. It sort of became the inspiration for Tommy’s arc and I ran with it from there.

As we were nearing the completion of Never Hike Alone, we actually took the time to set some things up that will pay off in future episodes.

By having a winter set Friday the 13th film you are fulfilling Friday fans biggest dream right?

Snow has obviously been on the fan’s wish list for a long time and we thought Never Hike in the Snow would be a great way to answer that call.

The concept actually began last year but we were unable to pull the resources together at the time to execute it.

Seeing that we could not begin production on the sequels until spring 2020, we decided to use the prep time during the winter to add what will be a set up “prologue” for the rest of the series.

I think when fans are going to absolutely flip when they finally see what we have planned.

Were you surprised at how fans have taken to Never Hike Alone?

Very. I did not expect such a positive and embracing reception for the fans, especially since we broke many of the “rules” of a typical Friday.

That said, the reception has been amazing and we cannot thank fans enough for their kind words and support especially with all the legal issues and production delays we’ve had to deal with for the last 10 years.

With the ongoing lawsuit for the Friday series, this film will be the perfect anecdote for Jason fans won’t it?

As long as the powers that be continue to work their way through the legal process, I believe that fan films we are here to help fill that gap.

With the help of the fanbases, our series and other fan films that are in development, are going to be the lifeblood that keeps the series going until the issues are resolved.

I have had several people have approached me and say that Never Hike Alone has been their introduction into the world of Friday the 13th which is very humbling

Even though fan films can be controversial to some, I hope that in the end, everyone can see that we are actually doing our best to get more fans interested in the series and keep demand high for future studio releases.

When does filming begin on the project?

As long as the weather agrees with us, we are currently aiming to begin filming Never Hike in the Snow in December of 2019. If we do not get snow in the mountains before then, we’ll adjust our dates accordingly.

How much harder will it be to film in a snowy location?

Shooting in the snow is a huge challenge both from technical and safety standpoints. Part of the reason why our budget request is so high is that we will need to rent equipment and mobile facilities that will allow our cast and crew to stay warm especially when filming at night.

That said, the pay off of filming in the snow almost goes without saying. A wintery landscape is always a great setting and we can’t wait for Jason to finally leave his mark on the season.

Was it difficult to get Thom Matthews, Vinny Guastoferro and Douglas Tait involved?

Not at all. Thom was on board from the very beginning when we started discussing sequels especially since Tommy Jarvis takes over as the main protagonist moving forward. During that time, Thom introduced me to Vinny and we hit it off from day one. I have been attending Vinny’s acting class “The Sport of Acting” for almost two years now and we both excited to see Rick Cologne back in action.

With Doug, he was the first alumni to contact and congratulate our team on the success of Never Hike Alone. We remained in contact after that and after meeting up a few conventions I offered him to step in and take my place as Ghost Jason. Doug is very excited to get back in the role and we are ecstatic to have him stepping behind the mask. I think it goes without question that Doug is one of the most talent suit and creature actors working in the industry today and his involvement should be a testament to our commitment to bring the fan film genre to a whole new level.

What can you tell us about the Never Hike Alone web series?

The Never Hike Alone Web Series is essentially a feature film broken up into four episodes so that we can continue to crowdfund and produce entires in a manner that is both logistically feasible and won’t infringe on guidelines set by the studios when it comes to the fan film genre.

The story revolves around Tommy Jarvis, 30 years after the events of Friday the 13th part VI: Jason Lives but still living with the haunting fear that Jason will one day return. Not only will we see Tommy in his daily life as a paramedic, but also explain how he came to find Kyle McLeod at the end of Never Hike Alone. From there, the series kicks it up a notch when Jason returns to Crystal Lake in pursuit of Tommy and Kyle and concludes with an epic battle between Tommy and Jason that will finally bring closure to their story once and for all.

What are you most looking forward to about the new shoots?

Our team learned a lot from making Never Hike Alone and we can’t wait to get back out there and deliver content on a whole new level. It will also just be great to have everyone back together again because we have so much fun making these films. As a fan, it is also exciting to be able to tackle subjects and storylines that quite frankly the studios would never think to touch. We feel this is our opportunity to finally tell the story the fans truly want to see and we hope to deliver that on every level.

You can support Never Hike in the Snow on IndieGoGo

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