New cast announced for Terrifier 2


Two new cast members have been announced for gory slasher sequel Terrifier 2.

Lauren LaVera has been cast as Art’s adversary Sienna with newcomer Nedim Jahic also joining the Terrifier clan.

Damien Leone’s original took the character of Art the Clown on a murderous and bloody rampage on Halloween night, having previously featured in the All Hallows Eve anthology feature.

David Howard Thornton has already confirmed his return as the titular clown alongside Writer/Director Leone.

Terrifier 2 resurrects the evil clown by a sinister entity and takes Art back to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

The film was crowdfunded through IndieGoGo raising an incredible £172,014 of a £39,000 goal, with the production team looking to get a well recognized name of the horror genre involved.

Keep up to date with Terrifier 2 on Twitter.



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