What do Tommy and Lindsey’s Returns Mean for ‘Halloween Kills’?


Casting news for ‘Halloween Kills’ is coming thick and fast with Kyle Richards confirmed to be returning to the franchise for the first time since 1978 as Lindsey Wallace.

Richards was one of two children who ended up being babysat by Laurie Strode on Halloween night 1978 when Michael Myers returned home.

Although there have been attempts to bring the character back before, this is the first time we are getting what I’d call ‘canon’ Lindsey Wallace.

In Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers it was alleged that Rachel Carruthers’ friend who takes her and Jaime to the Grocery store early on is a grown-up Lindsey Wallace. This is never fully confirmed and the character never plays any sort of role in the film beyond this point.

The original draft for Halloween 4 by the late Dennis Etchison concentrated on the characters of Tommy and Lindsey as teenagers who end up battling Michael Myers one more time. This story which has some interesting elements before going off the deep end with a 12 foot Michael Myers attacking kids at a Drive-in Cinema was dropped in favor of Alan B. McElroy’s treatment after John Carpenter and the late Debra Hill sold the rights to the franchise to Moustapha Akkad.

So what role will Lindsey and Tommy play in this new timeline from David Gordon Green?

Has Myers’ rampage from 40 years ago wrecked their lives as much as it did Laurie’s or have they managed to live fairly normal lives?

With three (four if you count The Shape) characters back from the original film it does beg the question if Charles Cyphers’ Sheriff Brackett will return too and seek vengeance for the murder of his daughter Annie?

The casting calls for extras have also shed minor light on potential plot points for the film, with the crew asking for the 1960s and 1970’s style cars leaning to the view that we could see flashbacks to Michael’s captures on both Halloween nights and also perhaps a CGI or recast Dr. Loomis?

We know that David Gordon Green very nearly re-shot the ending for Halloween to be part of ‘Halloween (2018)’ but decided against at the last minute. Will he now revisit this idea with two films to work with?

What’s certain is that ‘Halloween Kills’ is fast becoming an ensemble piece for Michael Myers fans, who do you think will be cast next in the sequel? Let us know in the comments.

Halloween Kills is released on 16th October 2020.



  1. I think they’re done pulling the bark off of this tree. It’s completely bare and with no place to go. Bringing back characters we never thought about again isn’t going to make it intriguing.


  2. Really disappointed that Brian Andrews is not being cast as Tommy Doyle since Jamie and Kyle are returning in their original roles. Kinda ruins the authenticity I think they are going for.


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