Nefarious (2019) review


Nefarious feels like the distant British cousin of Fede Alvarez’s home invasion thriller Don’t Breathe.

The difference between the films is certainly a lot of financial clout but Nefarious does exceptionally well with all of its components.

Admittedly the film does take longer to get going than you might suspect for a 78-minute movie but once it hits its stride this is a hell of a ride.

We follow the journey of Gaz and his friends who after wracking up debt with the local drug dealer decide to steal from a wealthier family.

Nefarious also has some excellent practical effects and doesn’t hold back when it wants to be gory (including one sequence which will recall films like Robocop).

When Gaz and co are put in peril it does feel hard to sympathise with them, mainly because of how they are painted up until this point. This especially rings true for Gaz who is a generally despicable character whose redemption was never going to be fully realized.

Having a smaller ensemble cast also helps us to give each character an arc, some falter than others mainly due to screen time.

It’s not your run of the mill horror thriller but Nefarious certainly offers a fresh twist on home invasion and shows there’s plenty of talent coming out the independent cinema in the UK.

Look out for Nefarious on the film festival circuit in the coming months.


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