Deep Blue Sea 3 in the Works

deep blue sea

Production Weekly is reporting that Netflix is producing a third entry in the Deep Blue Sea series.

Last year the franchise was revived after 19 years with the release of Deep Blue Sea 2, directed by Darin Scott (Tales from the Hood) for the SyFy channel.

Shark films have crept back into popularity in recent years with major releases such as The Shallows, 47 Metres Down (and its sequel) plus The Meg.

Deep Blue Sea 2 tread a similar path to the original film as experiments on Bull Sharks (which look more like Great Whites) go bad in an aquatic facility.

Sadly, this lacked the star power and production values of the original and sank heavily on its release.

Hopefully, with a force like Netflix behind the new sequel, it will fair better and give us the shark action we crave!

Listen to the Bloody Flicks Podcast where we compare Deep Blue Sea and other 1999 monster hit Lake Placid.

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