Deep Blue Sea 2 review


I’m sure we were all quite surprised when a sequel was announced to 1999’s Deep Blue Sea.

Although not the greatest shark film of all time it was certainly a lot of fun.

Having said this, the sequel is definitely not; in a nutshell Deep Blue Sea 2 is just bland.

The action scenes lack any real tension and it goes over riffs already covered in the original, which isn’t even referenced so this is clearly a sequel in name only.

This time round a billionaire with a God complex (sound familiar?) is trying to harness a new medical breakthrough by testing it on a group of volatile bull sharks, which look very much like great whites.

With a sub plot of screeching baby sharks that come across as piranha-light rather than sharks, Deep Blue Sea 2 is up there or down there with Jaws: The Revenge for baffling plot holes.

While we have had films such as 47 Metres Down and The Shallows that have attempted to use computer generated sharks in the right way, the sharks here look like they have been pulled from a Sharknado film.

Cheaply done, totally unnecessary and just plain boring; Deep Blue Sea 2 is one dip into the ocean you can happily avoid.


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