The 3 Actors Who Almost Played Pennywise


With IT Chapter 2 just a few weeks away it was really interesting to read Will Poulter discuss his casting as the original Pennywise for IT (2017).

Ultimately it was Cary Fukanaga’s exit from the 2017 project that saw the end of the Midsommar actor’s chances of playing the killer clown.

“I was involved when Cary Fukanaga was attached to direct; situations have changed in regards to IT as a production. Many things have differed since I was last involved but I was very grateful to have been given the role,” Poulter said at the time.

The dancing clown would be taken on by Bill Skarsgard, who put in a memorable performance in the 2017 feature.

Poulter isn’t the only actor who almost donned the famous clown makeup and got his dancing shoes on for the villainous role.

During the casting process for the 1990 miniseries, before Director Tommy Lee Wallace was hired two other actors were approached to play Pennywise.

Firstly Malcolm McDowell, who would go on to play Dr. Loomis in Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake was approached to go to the Derry sewers but turned it down.

The second choice was Fright Night’s Roddy McDowell, who Wallace had worked with just two years before on the sequel to that series Fright Night Part 2.

When Wallace was hired he suggested casting Curry and the rest they say is history.

Curry said of one of his most iconic roles,

“He’s the villain of the piece. The town of Derry is being terrorized every 30 years by a being taking the form of Pennywise a clown. Basically, he is just pure evil and he can also metamorphose into different forms. He’s a character that’s basically irredeemable and I think of him as a smile gone bad.

“Clowns are your worst fear realized. I think I scared a lot of children!”

Do you think any of these three actors could have done Pennywise justice? Let us know in the comments.

IT Chapter 2 floats into cinemas on 7th September.

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