Five Things To Look Forward to in ‘NOS4A2’ Season 2


The AMC panel for ‘NOS4A2’ at San Diego Comic Con confirmed that the series based on the novel by Joe Hill will be returning for a second season.

After a slightly bumpy opening few episodes ‘NOS4A2’ found its wheels in the second half of the season pitting the plucky Vic McQueen up against the monstrous Charlie Manx and became must-watch TV.

Here are five things we’re looking forward to seeing in Season 2 –

  1. The Hunt for Bing Partridge – After Manx was taken into custody in the season finale, Bing Partridge was forced on the run with the police hot on his tail. After feeling a bit too cozy early on Bing became the monster of the novel as the story grew and we found out his horrifying backstory. With Maggie (her Scrabble tiles) and Detective Hutter in pursuit, it will be interesting to see how the manhunt develops.
  2. Vic and Lou – Very much one of the emotional beats of the novel; the relationship between Vic McQueen and Lou Carmody was finally started in the series finale and looks set to continue and develop with Vic working in his garage whilst pregnant.
  3. A Return to Christmasland – One of the highlights of NOS4A2 was the way that they fully realized the twisted world of Christmasland. Although only briefly glimpsed in a handful of episodes it’s surely Vic’s destiny to return and burn it to ground as she promised Charlie.
  4. The Return of Charlie Manx – From the finale, it’s clear that Bing is helping to revive Manx’ burnt and decrepit body for another round of ‘saving’ children across America and taking them to Christmasland. There’s no doubt when Manx fully awakens he will have one target in mind – Vic McQueen.
  5. Charlie vs. Vic Round Two – As we mentioned Charlie will be gunning for revenge in Season 2 and it’s certain that the next time he and Vic meet it won’t be as cordial as their first encounter.

What did you think of NOS4A2 the series? Let us know in the comments.

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