Killer Unicorn review


Based on the gay drag scene, Drew Bolton’s Killer Unicorn aims to strike a balance between gore and humour.

There are opportunities to say something different but through a shallow group of quite frankly stupid characters (even for a slasher movie) it fails.

After a drag queen is attacked and killed in the opening scene by a killer dressed in a giant unicorn head and hotpants; his group of friends are then targeted.

The most apparent plot motif is the distinct lack of urgency given the severity of the situation. Instead of calling the authorities or maybe curtailing their party lifestyles everyone carries on as if nothing has happened.

There are even some characters who don’t run for the hills when they encounter the killer; even though at this point his appearance is widely known.

After Danny sleeps with one of the new members of their group, Puppy-Pup they find one of their friends’ heads in the closet and they don’t seem panicked but instead invited the rest of the group over who again seem blase about it.

We get some mild exposition from Danny, a local bar owner who was raped by a mysterious man a year ago but after his friends save him; the attacker is then left for dead.

And guess who’s wearing that unicorn mask?

Again there is a distinct detachment from reality as no police are involved.

The remaining members of the group plot to kill the Killer Unicorn at another party soon after; which of course turns into dance numbers, poor decisions and ultimately a bloodbath.

There is also plenty of nonchalant drug use which lends itself to stereotypes and feels lazy and makes the characters even more unlikeable.

As I eluded to at the start of this review there was a real opportunity to create three-dimensional characters but instead, we get cardboard cut out characters with no redeemable qualities.

Safe to say Killer Unicorn won’t be a rewatch.



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