Tales of Frankenstein review

Tales of Frankenstein.jpg

By Daniel King

TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN is an anthology horror written and directed by Donald F. Glut, adapted from his own short stories.

There are four tales all featuring descendants of the Baron who are involved in some way with continuing his work. As is always the case with these anthology films, there are some hits and some misses among the stories.

The best is the second, featuring a grave robber terrorized by a disembodied hand; also a hit is an entertaining spoof of the hard-boiled detective genre, set in 1940s LA and featuring a Sam Spade type who takes refuge from a storm at a lonely mansion.

Less successful is a Frankenstein Created Woman-type segment and a monster/vampire crossover story which brings things to a close.

Initially, I thought I was going to hate the film – its limited budget is apparent all the time, the acting is variable, and it has very little grip on a sense of time and place.

But gradually it won me over by its sheer amiability. It won’t scare you but it will entertain you.

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