Cleavers: Killer Clowns review

cleavers killer clowns.jpg

Following on from 2015’s Cleaver: Rise of the Killer Clown, M.J Dixon brings the killer clown back for more bloody carnage.

Taking tropes from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre most notably, Killer Clowns offers two plotlines that converge in the most deadly manner.

Although there are similarities to the Leatherface franchise, Cleavers attempts to carve its own path as we focus on Sheriff Jodi-Ann Howells’ quest to hunt the killer down and find her former partner who has disappeared after her last encounter with the clown.

Five years have past and Cleaver has disappeared but Jodi-Ann is still on the hunt for him.

With an excellent synth score and decent pacing, Killer Clowns offers something different to your standard stalk and slash affair. We focus as much on Jodi-Ann as we do a family who stumbles upon Cleaver and his new ‘family’.

Her journey is particularly interesting as she struggles with the unfinished business with Cleaver and it makes you wonder how or even if she will find closure.

Given the limited budget, the special effects and gore are pretty good and there are some creative kills, with plenty of cleavers of course!

Paul Rogers is clearly having plenty of fun as our evil clown and although at times a Freddy-lite he does a good enough job with his cleavers.

Cleavers Killer Clowns adds fresh mythology to the Cleaver franchise and will certainly be interesting to see where a sequel could go.

Cleavers: Killer Clowns is released on DVD on 6th August in the US and 19th August in the UK.

Listen to our Podcast with star Derek Nelson who talks about Cleavers and his other upcoming horror projects.

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