We Came Back by Patrick Lacey review


With a wink and a nod to high horror of the 90’s, Patrick Lacey’s We Came Back offers an insight into teenage life amongst a crisis.

Lacey is very on-point when looking at the monsters of his story, creating vivid and in some cases really horrifying antagonists.

The beginning of the story is slightly clunky as we get introduced to this small American town where the high school and it’s students and teachers alike are sitting beneath something sinister.

We hear a lot from characters who in some cases become slightly throwaway to the plot but once We Came Back finds its feet you really get into this story.

There is plenty of social commentary about the troubles that teenagers go through and the extreme measures they will take to get away from them.

Being a horror book Lacey takes a more supernatural route than your standard serial killer/slasher route which it would have been easy to go down.

From reading Lacey’s previous novel Dream Woods, this author is big on surreal imagery, which continues throughout We Came Back. This story mixes that surrealness with a real human core with characters dealing with changing relationships and also loss at a young age, which can provide a blueprint for many teenagers and how their lives take place from that sort of traumatic incident.

The closest film equivalent would probably be The Faculty but in a more modern day setting.

We Came Back is at times schlocky but ultimately has a big heart at its core which keeps the story thrusting forward to a brutal finale.

We Came Back is now available on Amazon.




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