Dream Woods by Patrick Lacey review

Dream Woods.jpg

Dream Woods is one of those stories that barely lets you draw breath.

Within two chapters we are thrust into what becomes a waking nightmare for dad Vince and his family.

Many years ago he visited the mysterious Dream Woods theme park which had closed under shady circumstances, with rumours of evil deeds taking place at the site.

Against his better judgment and in one last attempt to save his marriage the family go along for what they hope will be a fun filled vacation.

Jarringly the trip turns so quickly into a nightmare that it makes you wonder why they would have thought any different. From characters internal dialogue its quite clear from the get-go that there is something not quite right, yet they persist with their ‘experience’.

One thing Dream Woods isn’t shy of is shocking visuals, which clearly Lacey had plenty of fun conjuring up.

It’s short and sweet at a shade of 300 pages but the blistering pace of the story will keep you reading until it’s gut wrenching finale.


Dream Woods by Patrick Lacey is available in Paperback and Amazon Kindle now.

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