The Barge People heading to Cannes with Raven Banner

Canada based Raven Banner have acquired worldwide sales rights for Brit creature feature The Barge People with a sales launch planned for Cannes next week.

Directed by Charlie Steeds the tale takes place in the British canal system where two couples head off for a relaxing weekend. The tourists aren’t aware they’re are being pursued by flesh eating fish mutants that lurk in the canals waiting for victims.

Written by Christopher Lombard, The Barge People is a throwback coined as The Hills Have Eyes meets H.P Lovecraft.

Starring Kate Davies-Speak (Horizon, Dead Air and Escape from Cannibal Farm), Mark McKirdy, Makenna Guyler, Natalie Martins, Matt Swales, Kane Surry, Emma Spurgin Hussey, Tim Cartwright, David Lenik (Winterskin), Barrington De La Roche, Carl Andersson, Harrison Nash and Sam Lane.

The Raven Banner sales slate includes Fabrício Bittar’s horror comedy Ghost Killers VS Bloody Mary, about Four YouTubers with expertise in paranormal activity who attempt to tackle the mystery of a ghost that haunts a high school bathroom; as well as 2 Miles Below; and The Prey.

Read our interview with The Barge People writer Christopher Lombard Here and our interview with star Mark McKirdy Here.

Watch the trailer for The Barge People below –

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