IT Chapter 2 debuts trailer and artwork

Internet audiences have had to be patient but, the second part of the the adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is on the way.

Set for release on 6th September in the US, IT Chapter 2 will follow the story of the grownup ‘Loser’s Club’ as they battle Pennywise one last time.

We will be seeing both the young versions and the older versions on screen in what is hoped to be a more entertaining finale than what was offered in the 1990 TV movie.

One of the criticisms from horror fans is that the finale of the story where Pennywise the Clown became a deranged giant spider left people deflated and somewhat confused.

Although Director Tommy Lee Wallace was working with a television budget, it’s hoped after IT Chapter 1’s $700 million Box Office takings that a sizeable budget will be behind the second part and ensure Pennywise goes out with a bang.

There’s no doubt that IT could be revived for an original tale (with King’s blessing of course) if it slays the September Box Office. Stephen King properties continue to be hot property with Pet Sematary doing well earlier in the year and a sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep coming in November.

Blumhouse are also developing a reboot of Firestarter and further reboots of The Tommyknockers, The Stand and an adaptation of Revival also mooted.

Watch the trailer for IT Chapter 2 below and let us know your thoughts in the comments

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