Michael vs Jason – The Fan Film Everyone’s Talking About

With the legal battle for the rights to Friday the 13th rumbling on, the best way we can get our Jason fix at the moment is with fan films.

We’ve had the excellent Never Hike Alone and the promising upcoming Vengeance in the pipeline to tide us over.

There is something to be said for fan films, which are clearly made from a place of love although sometimes hit wide of the mark.

So we come to an unlikely matchup of two mute killers, you’d think it would be a quiet affair right?

Well not really, the amount of bone crunching, slashing and stabbing crammed into this 29 minute could rival a Friday or Halloween film.

After Michael Myers is captured (we guess post Halloween 2018) he is being transferred for execution before being dropped off near to a wooded location that as you can guess houses Mrs Voorhees’ baby boy.

The fight sequences really stand out here as the pendulum swings from Myers to Voorhees and back and forth. Director Luke Pedder also does an admirable job with the special effects makeup as we see every slash or attack.

Jason appears similiar to his Freddy vs Jason look with a hint of Jason Lives whereas Myers is set up like last year’s fast forward sequel.

Much in the same way as Freddy vs Jason it’s hard to determine a ‘winner’ but Michael vs Jason is plenty of gory fun for fans eagerly awaiting both slasher icons return to the big screen.

Watch Michael vs Jason: Evil Emerges below and let us know your verdict in the comments.

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