American Horror Story going back to the 80’s minus Evan Peters

The ninth season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story is going back to 1984 for a slasher tale.

This is the first time that the horror juggernaut show has treaded closely to the popular 80’s sub genre.

Murphy has attempted previously to pull of a slasher show in a more slapstick manner with Scream Queens, which was somewhat disapointed and was subsequently cancelled after 2 seasons.

Season 9 of AHS will be the first without series stalwart Evan Peters, who has planned teen serial killer, frankenstein monster and cult leader among other roles.

The only cast announced so far are Peters’ on-off lover Emma Roberts (Scream 4) and Olympian Gus Kenworthy in his first acting role.

Although Ryan Murphy has confirmed Coven’s witches could return for later seasons, it’s not clear if they will appear in 1984.

Watch the first teaser for Season 9 below –

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