Why Mark Hamill is an inspired choice to voice Chucky

Many fans were left slightly concerned with the voice of Chucky left unnamed after the Child’s Play remake trailer dropped earlier this year.

But an announcement at WonderCon has changed all that with Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill named as the new voice of our favourite killer doll.

Hamill has a rich history of voice work from playing The Joker in the Batman animated series in the 1990’s as well as countless jobs for animated Marvel series’, video games and shows such as Johnny Bravo.

He will also return for the final time to the Star Wars franchise later this year for the as yet unnamed Episode IX.

The news of the Child’s Play reboot has divided fans of the series, with some impressed with the early footage and others faithful to the Don Mancini series and its upcoming TV series starring original voice Brad Dourif and other members of the original series.

In the remake a single mother (played by Aubrey Plaza) and her young son must fight for their lives when a sinister Buddi doll seems to take on a life of its own.

Watch the trailer for Child’s Play (2019) below and let us know your thoughts on this casting news in the comments.

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