Annabelle Comes Home debuts trailer

While Child’s Play was grabbing headlines with the announcement of Mark Hamill as Chucky, Warner Bros has debuted the trailer for Annabelle Comes Home – the latest entry in The Conjuring franchise.

Despite the disappointing spin off The Nun, The Conjuring universe continues to move forward with this film, a third Conjuring movie and another spin off The Crooked Man all in development.

The original Annabelle was somewhat disappointing but with Lights Out Director David F. Sandberg at the helm, Annabelle Creation reinvigorated the story with a clever and creepy prequel.

Sandberg steps aside for this entry with series writer Gary Dauberman sitting in the Director’s chair for the first time having wrote Annabelle, Annabelle Creation, The Nun and co-wrote the first chapter of the IT reboot.

This trailer looks to further merge the world’s together as Annabelle is set free from the pandora’s box of spooky at the home of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

It’s not just the killer doll on the loose, she is joined by a host of other possessed items in the room after teenager Judy sets her free.

Much in the same tone as Goosebumps to an extent, but aiming at a much more mature audience – Annabelle Comes Home looks like it will throw the kitchen sink of ghouls at our investigators with Annabelle leading the way.

Annabelle Comes Home is released in June.

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