In2ruders review

The classically trained, multi-instrumentalist twins Sonia and Anna Bloom star as recording artists caught up in the cut throat world of record company competition in Naeem Mahmood’s short film In2ruders.

Caprice Bourret (yes that one) plays Ravana Serpentine, boss of the all-powerful NWR, a record company with a stranglehold on the market. Singing stars Lumi and Narti are courted by the company, but the pair disagree on the virtues of signing on the dotted line.

Following an argument Narti – who was keen to be on the company’s roster – is killed in a hit and run, leaving Lumi racked with guilt and ambushed by NWR representatives who won’t take no for an answer.

Mahmood’s CV shows a range of interesting short features which don’t appear to have been given much exposure; on the basis of In2ruders that’s a shame.

While obviously in some debt to the gloss and violence world of Nicholas Winding Refn’s movies (it shares a colour palette with The Neon Demon), In2ruders is inventive enough to survive accusations of style copying, with some nice psychedelic touches.

Although the Bloom twins are not known for their acting prowess (outside of looking moody in their videos) they do look the part, and Caprice clearly revels in her role as the dominatrix head of the company. Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley does his best Lynchesque Dean Stockwell impression as a heavily made up torch crooner (although like most things in the film he’s there for effect rather than narrative cohesion).

But it’s the score from fellow ex-New Romantic, Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, that’s the real star of the show, a lush soundtrack of dark tones and synth stabs which constantly unsettle.

Does In2ruders make much sense? No, not really, but it’s definitely not a case of style over substance, and this short but absorbing film could well be the jumping off point for Mahmood to do some even more interesting projects.

In2ruders will screen at the Horror on Sea Film Festival, find out more here

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