Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a game changer

Causing mass debate on the web, as it always seems to do; this feature length episode or TV movie from Black Mirror offers viewers the chance to interact and change the fate of the characters.

Focussing on Stefan, a young gaming programmer looking to get his big break with an adaptation of a book called Bandersnatch, written by an author who subsequently went mad and his own wife.

You can see why he might have been the first to attempt this.

Although the choices may seem minor to begin with, including what to listen to on a walkman whilst on the bus; Bandersnatch quickly ensnares you into its web and soon you are choosing between life and death.

Not everything works, but as an experiment which is the area that Black Mirror thrives; Bandersnatch is so compelling and engaging to viewers; even if you don’t get the ending you wanted you’re glad you took the ride.

Many other studios and even other Netflix shows must now be looking at this method of programming and it certainly feels like in the right universe the possibilities could be endless.

It will surely polarising viewers but Bandersnatch is a groundbreaking streaing event, and shows once again Charlie Brooker is at the forefront on innovative television.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is now available on Netflix.

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