The Ranger review

Punk rock and slasher tropes may seem like an odd mix but The Ranger thrives through being something totally different.

When Chloe and her bunch of degenerate friends kill someone in the first 20 minutes it definitely feels like we’re going on a different journey.

Unfortunately for them, they’re pitted against one of the sternest park rangers put to screen, played with gleeful delight by Jeremy Holm.

We get just enough characterisation on all sides that once a bullet goes south we can care about our teen in perils, even if they’re murderers on the run.

Chelsea Levine’s Chelsea is a worthy adversary, dripping with attitude and more going on than just running and screaming; convincingly playing the first ever punk final girl.

The Ranger doesn’t shy away from its brutality and the more extreme we go, you start to wonder if that’s it’s limit – then we go a little further.

There is some social commentary about the establishment versus youth mixed amongst the chaos, which feels very timely given the political climate across the globe.

Amongst some truly excellent horror films we have lacked enough slashers in 2018 with some original to say; but The Ranger is that film which will make you sit up and take notice.

Just remember to read those signs the next time you go to a national park and listen to your park ranger.


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