The Predator review

It’s fair to say that Shane Black’s The Predator endured a host of production problems in the lead up to its release.

With scenes reportedly cut at the 11th hour before release due to the past of one of the actors in the scenes and multiple re-shoots taking place.

Having said all of this; The Predator is an extremely fun, if at times goofy film.

Although there is wry humour in the original film, The Predator does have a more lighthearted tone, which is consistent with Black’s tone from previous films.

Here we are given a new kind of threat as a Predator ship crashes on earth and in turn brings to a new kind of beast to the planet to wreak havoc. Yes we’re talking about the 11 foot tall ‘super’ Predator if you will.

Although slightly hampered by some questionable CGI, this character only ups the scales when pitted against our rag tag group of ‘crazies’ fronted by Boyd Holbrook’s Quinn; whose son may hold the key to taking down the Predator but also the next step in the evolutionary cycle.

Deep stuff right? 

Black drives the narrative into new and interesting areas and gives us a Predator sequel which attempts to do things slightly different and it feels all the better for it.

This won’t please everyone but this latest installment is everything you would expect of the series at this point; it’s bold, fun and quite throwaway.


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