Dave Made a Maze review

Dave Made a Maze.png

Dave Made a Maze is a bit of a conundrum, on one hand it feels like a feature length TV show and at other times it’s quite a fun adventure.

In a nutshell Dave is unsatisfied with his life. He begins activities but never finishes them but when girlfriend Annie comes home one day she sees his latest ‘project’ – a maze made out of cardboard boxes.

The trick is Dave has managed to get lost in the maze, which has taken on a mind of its own.

Dave Made a Maze is limited by its budget which only gives comparisons to an episode of Community (you know the one with the pillow fort).

It’s fairly audience neutral though as it doesn’t focus on gore and violence, instead using confetti for blood and even turning characters into cardboard versions of themselves.

This indecision can be its undoing though as you get the feeling there are conflicting themes here.

The sets are all built rather than CGI which at times are extremely expansive and you can clearly tell a lot of thought has gone into the look of the film.

It’s at times heartwarming and has a message but a blend of humour and goofy villains make it a fun watch rather than an essential.

Dave Made a Maze is available on DVD now.


Watch the trailer below –

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