The 1990s Teen Horror Cycle by Alexandra West review

Teen Horror Cycle

When horror fans look back on the supposed glory years of the genre the easiest reference point is the early 1980’s, whereas the revival that happened during the late 90’s leading into the 2000’s rarely gets as much press.

Here Author Alexandra West delves into the origins of the revival primarily of the slasher genre, leaning on the changing moods in the US following the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Nirvana and the rise of grunge as well as third wave feminism.

The amount of research into each film is endearing as we look films such as Scream (and its sequels), I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend and Cherry Falls.

There’s plenty of tidbits and easter eggs here for genre fans with interviews and feature excerpts from interviews from Fangoria.

It also adds a tinge of sadness as we read interviews with the late Wes Craven detailing his journey through the then Scream trilogy.

It’s short and sharp at just 189 pages but its pure joy for horror fans and certainly for fans who were of a certain age around the time Scream was released.

An aboslutely essential read.

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