Slender Man review


By Eric Trigg

After being let down by Sony with 2007’s Spiderman 3 I wasn’t surprised by how they handled this film.

In 2009 a popular internet meme depicting a tall, well dressed, faceless figure went viral. This figure would be called Slenderman. Now I grew up around this era, but I never was interested in the popularity of the Slenderman.

I do recall a day in class where one of my peers played a video showing a supposed sighting of Slenderman and the entire classroom was terrified. Sadly this 2018 film is nothing but a reminder that this viral internet icon should have remained on the web.

Slenderman focuses on a group of high school teens who summon the Slenderman because some kids in their school were doing it. One by one they begin to disappear, and presumably be taken over by Slenderman.

The film never makes sense of itself and the audience never finds out what Slenderman is trying to do with the kids he takes. From the trailers alone, it wasn’t surprising that this film was nothing more than people doing stupid things just to past the time.

Directed by Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard) the film stars Joey King (The Conjuring, Wish Upon), Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair, and Annalise Basso (Oculus). When Katie (Annalise Baso) goes missing the rest of her friends desperately try to get her back home.

If you have seen the trailers for this film then you will be confused when watching it because multiple scenes are cut from the film. The problem isn’t them being cut but rather it seems that those scenes in the trailer would have made the story more coherent had they have been left included for the final cut.

Certain girls go missing and are never heard from again for the film so it’s just odd to witness how the narrative plays out. It comes across like an unfinished assignment that was turned in last minute. Characters fall into the abyss of the stories gaping plot holes, plot devices are inconsistent throughout the film, the background of Slenderman is never reasoned or presented in a logical way.

Having watched The Conjuring back in 2013 at the theater my heart was broken watching Joey King force her way through an already destroyed film such as Slenderman. The acting in this film is unacceptable, the editing is not polished, and the CGI is horrendous.

There are certain scenes that are so dark for fans of the Harry Potter series you may feel right at home with them but it’s a struggle to watch certain scenes because it is so dimmed.

I would like to think that maybe a few years will go by and another attempt to make a worthy Slenderman film will present itself but I honestly hope nobody capitalizes on it if it does.


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