Wolfman’s got Nards documentary review (Celluloid Screams 2018)


The Monster Squad is a curious case; part cult film, part family horror and ultimately a microcosm of being a child in the 1980’s.

What some people who saw it way back in 1987 and the early 90’s might not know, is that the film wasn’t a massive box office hit and almost finished the career of Director Fred Dekker.

Here Monster Squad star Andre Gower takes a fascinating look at the legacy of the film through the people who were there as well as the fans.

Wolfman’s Got Nards drips with nostalgia, but the packed room at Celluloid Screams knew what they were letting themselves in for.

What we didn’t expect was the emotional tug it provided with the look back on the passing of Brent Chalem who infamously portrayed Horace.

But despite this you can’t help but grin from ear to ear when you hear from the fans and also Gower himself who has lived with the film for 30 years and embraced it as well as other cast members including Ryan Lambert.

The interviews with Fred Dekker and writer Shane Black are truly fascinating as Dekker especially is candid about the legacy of the film but in turn calls it his best film.

Documentary that don’t have perspective and are just a love letter to a film or series don’t tend to be fondly remembered but Wolfmans….. has tonnes of perspective as well as love.

The box office failure of the film isn’t shied away from but on the flipside the legacy and the cult following it has attained seems to have been kind over the years.

It’s one for the fans but seeing this documentary will hopefully mean another generation will discover the film and keep its legacy going.

The film was followed by a fascinating Q&A with Andre Gower and Producer Henry Darrow McComas; with Gower revealing Ryan Gosling is a massive fan of the film who would have been great to get on board in the doc.

Look out for this documentary on the festival circuit and hopefully on DVD & Blu Ray soon.


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