For the Love of Halloween review


By Daniel King

For 20 years Adam Green and his friends and colleagues at ArieScope Pictures have maintained an annual tradition of making short horror films to celebrate the Halloween period.

Starting in 1998 with COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND they have somehow found a way to create these mainly goofy (and occasionally serious) shorts in the gaps between all their other projects, such as the films HATCHET and FROZEN and the TV series Holliston.

Green is obviously the main driving force behind it all but as this endearing and entertaining documentary makes clear it is absolutely not a one man show. Indeed, the message that comes across clearest is that Green and his collaborators feel more like a family than co-workers.

The film takes a look at the history of these Halloween shorts, how they began, how they developed and how their popularity grew and grew.

Green features heavily as a talking head, for obvious reasons, but there are plenty of others too including long-time friend and collaborator Will Barratt, plus the likes of Kane Hodder and Sid Haig.

It’s interesting for horror buffs, informative for budding film-makers, and very good natured – no-one seems to have a bad word to say about each other, which is most refreshing.

There are plenty of clips too and these have certainly intrigued me enough to check out the full shorts (if that’s the correct expression) and, happily, they’re available to see online for free HERE

Watch the documentary below –

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