The Nun review


By Andy Wheeler

Well that was an interesting experience. It was probably the most ‘vocal’ screening for a horror film I think I’ve ever been to. I can count at least 5 times where the majority of crowd watching it literally screamed out loud.

It was quite funny. Someone even dropped their packet of malteesers, and they scattered across the floor like marbles.

Anyway, it was good fun. I love The Conjuring films and they have spawned their own spin off films with Annabelle and now The Nun aka (Valek) has its own shot at scaring cinema goers rigid.

Written by James Wan (my hero) with directorial duties by Corin Hardy, The Nun tells the story of the demon Valek and the terror it unleashes at a Nunnery in Romania in the 50s.

The Demon has taken the shape of a Nun as the convent was formed in the remains of an old castle where the demon was last buried by Knights Templar and locked there in a sealed underground vault by the literal blood of Christ.

An Exorcist and a Nun in training is sent there to uncover the death of a Nun by suicide.  What follows is Jump scare after jump scare until all the jumps are well and truly rinsed out of you.

I loved the Nun in the Conjuring 2. I felt the portrait scene was one of the most well crafted horror scenes in recent memory. That creepiness is lost here and replaced with shock and to a certain extent it works.

I don’t think it’s as well put together as The Conjuring but James Wan directed those and you tell the difference; nevertheless it’s a quality ride and well worth a look if you need a few jolts in your life.


The Nun is in cinemas now.


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