Blood Fest review

The concept of the scream park is fast becoming a constant narrative for horror filmmakers to explore.

With the sleeper success of the House that October Built series and the upcoming Hellfest there’s plenty of variety.

So we come to Rooster Teeth’s Blood Fest which does an admirable but also uneven job of the concept.

After Dax’s mother is slaughtered by a masked killer he becomes a massive horror fan as a way to deal with his grief; thus years later leading him to scare park Blood Fest.

When things turn sinister the group are thrown every monster on the roster including killer clowns and zombies.

This is where Blood Fest loses a bit of its charm though as Dax and his group go from zone to zone before the finale attempts to give us a satisfying finale.

The makeup effects are admirable with some creative kills.

Although Blood Fest isn’t on the level of the Houses… series, it’s good throwaway gory fun to get you ready for the season of Halloween.


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