The Cutting review

Shot entirely in the Staffordshire town of Kidsgrove on a micro budget, Dave Fisher’s The Cutting is a charming take on the zombie film.

After a prior disaster in the 1880s the town covered up the disappearance of 12 coal miners around the local railway line which has been shut for years.

In an attempt to connect the rail line to the north of England local politicians get the line reopened and thus awakening zombies with vengeance on their minds.

Although the film does suffer from some abrupt jump cuts the music throughout is fantastic and really captures the creepy mood of proceedings.

The zombie makeup is quite impressive too with a pet gripe that they sometimes move too quickly, but that would be nitpicking.

With a sub plot of political scheming it’s quite fun to see the zombies targeting them and the media who have worked in conjunction to cover this tragedy up.


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