Haunters – The Art of the Scare review

Over the past ten years the concept of the scare park has gone on to new levels and this documentary is a love letter to those who literally put their blood sweat and tears into it.

It’s a fascinating and quite poignant look at the sheer amount of work and creativity that goes into a scare park.

The amount of research here is so thorough as we trace the scare park back to World War II, as it was seen as a distraction to the horrors of the real world.

With the emergence of the Universal Halloween Horror Nights this phenomenon has almost become mainstream and is now on every horror fans bucket list.

As the cult of the scare park has grown so has competition with people across America constantly trying to push the envelope and outdo each other. With this comes the darker side as we see visitors traumatized and having panic attacks after being locked in coffins (amongst other things).

Haunters is an essential watch for lovers of the season of Halloween and will no doubt give ideas to people wanting to take their party or even scream park to a whole new level.

Haunters – The Art of the Scare screens at this year’s Dead of Night Film Festival this October in Liverpool.


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