Bus Party to Hell review

Admittedly I should have known what I was getting myself into from the title of Rolfe Kanefsky’s Bus Party to Hell.

Although it’s extremely goofy in parts (none more so than a cameo from Tara Reid) it was quite refreshing to see something certifiably bonkers.

The plot revolves around a group of friends who are on their way to Burning Man, only to be accosted in the desert by a devil worshipping cult.

Bus Party… is a film made for gore hounds as I think by the finale blood has come out of every part of the human body; yes certainly not for the squeamish.

The practical effects are delightful and are certainly becoming more familiar once again, envoking memories of splatter films of the 80’s.

What’s clear is that everyone here is having a ball and that sort of recklessness is quite infectious to the viewer.

Bus Party to Hell is everything you expect it to be and why should it be anything more. Enjoy!


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