Mom and Dad review

In what some would consider a logical move, Nicholas Cage is finding a new lease of acting life in the Horror genre.

With the upcoming Mandy and Mom and Dad, his bombastic all or nothing style seems like its found a new home.

The premise here is basically that parents get uncontrollable fits of rage and try to kill their children in creative ways.

But why you ask? Well that’s left fairly vague which gives us time instead with Cage, wife Selma Blair and their two children who are put in peril.

Let’s face it Mom and Dad is not around for judgment, it’s all about gory fun.

We also have a delightful cameo from Lance Henrikson as Cage’s father with one thing on his mind.

My only pet gripe with Mom and Dad is the abrupt ending which feels like it cuts off mid scene and although clarity isn’t what were here for it would have been nice to finish the scene.

This seems like a tame affair compared to Mandy, but Mom and Dad is a great popcorn horror which will certainly appeal to genre and mainstream audiences alike.


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