Show Yourself review

Show Yourself.jpg

With last year’s The Ritual putting an entertaining and creepy spin on dealing with grief we go to the other end of the spectrum with Show Yourself.

Whereas the aforementioned film went for an emsemble this feature focusses on the journey of actor Travis as he sets off into the woods to bury his friend Paul’s ashes.

Given the creepy subject matter it feels like a missed opportunity as Show Yourself is pretty low on real scares and mainly focusses on the PTSD of losing Paul to Travis.

There are long stretches where there is little action although we do get some movement towards the finale it never really ramps up into a satisfying conclusion.

Show Yourself is very much one of those films that just ends and leaves you wondering if it was you that missed something or the creative team behind it.

There are signs of greatness here but ultimately Show Yourself doesn’t hit any significant heights of horror.

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