Wildling review


With the mainstream media claiming horror is having a comeback, it’s quite refreshing to find a horror film that has an original theme and some outstanding character performances.

Wildling is helped no end by the casting of genre icon Brad Dourif who brings a sense of gravitas to the proceedings.

He plays the ‘father’ of a young girl ‘Anna’ who is housebound, as if she leaves their home she would be under threat from the wildling.

As the story develops and Anna is taken in by the Sheriff’s (Liv Tyler) family, this becomes part coming of age tale and part body horror.

One of the strengths of Wildling is how it flips the narrative as the humans become the villains against the wildlings.

With whispers of The Woman and The X Files’ Jersey Devil there are some interesting social commentary moments throughout which certainly strike a chord.

The finale takes us to dark places but certainly offer a message; beware the wildling but be more wary of the darkness of the human mind.

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