Who should voice Chucky in the Child’s Play remake?


The news that MGM is fast tracking a Child’s Play remake was shortly followed by the unsurprising news that original ‘Chucky’ Brad Dourif won’t be returning for this film.

Instead Dourif is sticking with series creator Don Mancini for the previously announced TV series which will follow last year’s Cult of Chucky.

So attention turns to who can voice the iconic evil infested doll.

Here’s a few names to consider, depending on how ambitious the studio are –

Mark Hamill –

Hamill is back in the public eye after his return to the Star Wars franchise as well as once again voicing the Joker in the adaptation of The Killing Joke. Plenty of voice work under his belt and already voiced a psychopath, good fit right?

Seth MacFarlane –

Another actor with plenty of voice work, MacFarlane has already voiced a foul mouthed toy in Mark Wahlberg’s Ted and Ted 2. Could he make the turn to horror with Chucky?

Being a well known name he would also carry a fan base with him too.

Hugo Weaving –

Weaving provided his voice to Megatron for a number of the live action Transformers series and showed a menacing rath in his tone that would certainly make Chucky 2018 quite menacing.

Christopher Walken –

A real long shot but Walken has the New York accent like Dourif down to a tee but he would need a certain amount of financial incentive to join what could be considered a low brow franchise.

Who do you think should voice Chucky in the new film? Comment below and let us know.



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